About GO Cards


   a) Corporate Card

Companies with one or more commercial vehicles are eligible to apply.

   b) Fleet Card

Individuals or Logistics/Transport companies with one or more private and commercial vehicles are eligible to apply.


GO Cards are an effective tool to manage your fleet easily with unique controls and requirements that are tailored specifically for your business needs which brings convenience and control at your fingertips as it allows you to choose from a variety of usage options.

It is equipped with enhanced security features such as:

  • Card Activation & Blocking
  • Email Alerts
  • PIN Numbers
  • Driver & Vehicle ID Checks etc.

GO Cards will also allow you to see online reports that will provide you with information about your fleet such as fuel expense summary, fuel purchase summary, fuel consumption reports and much more.


GO Cards offers you supreme convenience while managing your fleet.

  • It removes the use of purchase orders and cash. No more paper receipts and late expense claims. No more un-necessary administration.
  • Save valuable time and money by leaving the paperwork to us. Through e-billing statement sent monthly, you spend less time monitoring the expense of each member of your fleet.
  • GO Cards are accepted at wide network of GO retail outlets to cover your journey from Khyber to Karachi.
  • Top up facility is also available at our designated retail outlets against cash payment.


GO Cards allows you to choose from smart control options as per your needs.

  • Choose from Pre-paid and Post-paid cards. Post-paid cards are issued after credit approval whereas pre-paid cards can be obtained where credit is not offered, especially for individual owners. Post-paid cards can also be obtained from our authorized retail outlets with retailer’s guarantee.
  • Pre-set credit limits for post-paid cards which defines the limit each user or vehicle can spend on fuel, type of fuel, lubricants and other services per month.
  • You can also restrict specific regions or retail outlets from where card services can be availed.
  • Type of card choice. You can choose between user/driver specific cards, vehicle specific cards and Master Card. Driver specific card extends credit to assigned employee regardless of the vehicle whereas vehicle specific card limits credit to only one specified vehicle irrespective of the driver. Master Card on the other hand can be used by any authorized person of the company carrying the card.


Smart chip based GO Cards come with enhanced security features that provide protection from fraud and misuse of cards.

  • Transactions are approved only after online validation of the card with backend system.
  • Call us anytime 24/7 and we will block your card in case of stolen, misuse or lost.
  • You can activate email/sms alerts in case any of your driver attempts to exceed from limits.
  • The PIN system requires a 4-digit code that only cardholder knows for added security.


  • Comprehensive monthly and year to date reporting helps you monitor purchases and vehicle efficiency.
  • Detailed reports show that purchased what, when, where and by whom. You can also create custom reports.
  • Performance tracking option can calculate Rs. per Km & Km per liter for you to know how well your vehicles are performing.
  • 24/7 online and mobile account access with helpline for any assistance required.