Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing need in today’s complex business environment. It is basically an obligation that entails working for the benefit of social good, as well as for maximum profits. The concept of CSR is now assuming new dimensions as it involves the efforts that business organizations undertake to meet their responsibilities, both at economic and social levels. CSR is a long-term investment but it is very lucrative and pays high dividends. It differentiates one organization from the other in terms of it being a caring entity and creates customer satisfaction as well as brand loyalty.

A good corporate citizen offers superior value to customers by embracing economic and social responsibilities. Customers enjoy the benefits of this commitment directly because a good organization treats them fairly and continuously strives to satisfy their changing needs. Organizations regularly grant large donations to communities in which they are located and these funds are used to support education, health, environmental and economic development. Organizations must have a sense of responsibility towards the society from which they earn their profits. Their executives must be men of ethics, with strong social commitments. They should be able to transform their ideas and vision of corporate ethics into corporate responsibility, while ensuring fair returns to the investor.

An enlightened organization sets its own code of ethics and respects and acknowledges its responsibilities which are practiced by its workers, managers and senior executives. It motivates them to become good citizens and promotes this in others as well. This is the moral obligation of organizations that believe in good practices and are committed to providing quality products to the consumers to observe a code of conduct in manufacturing, advertising and marketing. In the event that socially responsible organizations do not set an example, it creates a “free for all” situation that does not help the community or society in the long run.

GO is a successful & sustainable business operation. As a part of its obligations towards the community within which it operates, it is fulfilling its social responsibilities by being more responsive, more flexible and more open to the expectations of its consumers.

The company is actively involved in various CSR initiatives. These include:

  • Kauser Majeed Dialysis Centre, Burewala.
  • Water Filtration Plant at various locations in Punjab to provide clean drinking water to people.
  • Establishment and Functioning of the Kauser Majeed Girls Model High School, Burewala.
  • GO has generously contributed to the building of Diamer – Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund initiated by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
  • GO launched tree plantation drives in Lahore & Burewala where 40,000 saplings were planted at various locations.
  • GO is operating ambulances for catering to emergencies which are deployed in Lahore, Sahiwal, Mahmoodkot, Kotla Jam, Daulatpur, Sarai Naurang,
    Sheikhupura & Burewala.
  • Contribution to National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) for NAPA Campus up-gradation.
  • GO Mobile Dastarkhawan providing 1,500 cooked meals daily to underprivileged people in Lahore.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Activities

  • Rs. 12 Million donated to Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund.
  • Distributed 3,000 Dry Ration Packs among deserving families through Akhuwat Foundation at Gujrat, Burewala, Pakpattan, Bhawalnagar, Hasilpur and Qaboola.
  • Distributed 1,300 Dry Ration Packs among deserving families through GO Employees & Laborers / Porters at Lahore Railway Station.
  • Essential medical supplies consisting of protection suits, face masks and goggles were donated to PDMA.
  • Rs. 4.5 Million was donated to Akhuwat Corona Imdad Fund for distribution of 3,000 Ration Packs.
  • Rs. 4.5 Million was donated for distribution of Ration Packs among needy families through the Civil Administration.
  • 3 ventilator systems were donated to hospitals at Burewala through Kausar Majeed Trust.