GO has introduced its own brand of Lubricants for automotive, industrial and power generation sectors of Pakistan. GO has availed its range of Lubricants at all GO Retail outlets across Pakistan besides providing them to its consumers through hi-street distribution channels and lube shops, which are manufactured as per international standards with zero compromise on quality and performance.

The product portfolio of GO Lubricants encompasses Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils (HDDEO), Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMO), Motor Cycle Oils (MCO) predominantly besides various specific applications-oriented industrial oils for motorists as well as industrialists simultaneously. GO has already introduced the Highest Grade of PCMO Lubricant strictly conforming to the highest performance level with API SP-RC and ILSAC GF-6A latest standards.

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. the fastest growing OMC has a network of over 1,200 retail outlets in Pakistan providing Petrol, Diesel & Lubricants. It is also the first OMC to introduce Electric Vehicle Chargers in Pakistan. GO Oil Storage Depots & Terminals are strategically located across Pakistan with a fleet of over 450 tank trucks equipped with Satellite Tracking System.

GO wants to make an impact to be more than just an Oil Marketing Company. Non-Fuel Revenue (NFR) initiatives are important at GO’s forecourts and offer a wider range of services as given below:

1. 24 SEVEN ON THE GO – Mart
2. Restaurants
3. Tyre Shop
4. Lube Bay – GO Lubricants
5. Car Wash
6. Cafés
7. ATMs / Money Transfer Services
8. Pharmacies
9. Bakeries / Confectionaries
10. Fresh Juice Kiosks
11. Currency Exchange Services
12. Stationery Shops
13. Courier Services
14. Vending Machines (without Mart)
15. Forecourt Advertising
16. Others

We distinguish ourselves with the level of service provided to our business partners and customers. GO is further extending its corporate perception beyond the realm of fuel by providing NFR initiatives which are not just revenue generating propositions but provide strategic services to the population based on their territorial needs. Companies partnering with GO can enjoy the benefit from already created footfall at our retail outlet network.

Please write to us on the below mentioned address and we will revert back to you accordingly.

NFR Department

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd.Suite # 209, 2nd Floor, Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi.Email: nfrteam@gno.com.pk

Interested companies complying with the following pre-requisites and who intend to enter into business collaboration with GO on the NFR initiatives are requested to send in their comprehensive business proposition for the relevant retail outlet.

– Not in direct competition with GO.– Registered and active tax payer having a valid NTN Certificate.– Ethically & morally correct in their business practices.– Strong financial standing.– Having good reputation / brand name in its area of business.

The following salient aspects should be covered in the business plan on original letterhead:

– Company Profile along with key achievements.– Products / Services being offered.– Bank Certificate & Sales turnover details (Attach support documents).– Proposed Financial Offer for the retail outlets.– Copy of valid NTN, GST Certificate and / or Provincial Sales Tax Certificates.– Copy of CNIC (of owner / authorized representative).

Disclaimer: GO reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without assigning any reason.