Safety Day was observed on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 across GO Offices and Locations. To ensure continuation of Safety Culture right from beginning of the year, the theme for Safety Day remained same this year also “ SAFE START – SAFETY THROUGHOUT”. This was approximately an hour’s exercise in which all Employees including the Senior Management and Contractors assembled at one place at Lahore and Karachi Offices, Sahiwal and Daulatpur Terminals and at all Locations from where GO Tank Trucks are filled up. Safety Daybanners were displayed at all locations. Operational activities were suspended at Terminals and all other filling locations for the duration of the Safety Day activities as Cartage Contractors and their Drivers were invited to participate in the activities.

It was a day for sharing ideas and good practices, for working in teams on plans to deliver continuous improvement in safety performance and to reflect on our personal and collective commitment to safety.

Safety Day – Machhike Terminal

Safety Day – Keamari Terminal, Karachi


Safety Day – Karachi GO Office


Safety Day – Lahore GO Office


Safety Day – Sahiwal Depot